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What Is Unrealized Gain from Securities

If you invest money in stocks, then you probably want to get profit from your investments. In this regard, you need to understand what is unrealized profit from securities. Let’s find the relevant answers.   How to Calculate the Unrealized Gain? You may have $10 000, which you want to spend on purchasing 100 shares of one company for $100. If the cost of these securities increased by 20%, it means that your capital now is $12 000 and each share costs $120. At the same time, your undue profit is $2 000. Until you sell your securities and withdraw… Read the rest

Top-3 Tips How to Profitably Trade in a Low-Liquid Market

The time of the disorganized, chaotic security market has passed away. However, the idea of earning on low-liquid assets does not need to be forgotten. Such an important feature of low-liquid stocks as their high sensitivity to fluctuations in supply and demand can be actively used by players. How to define whether the asset is low-liquid? How to make money on them? Let’s find out.   What Is Liquidity? Liquidity is the ability to quickly sell an asset at a market price without discounts. The faster it can be done, the higher the liquidity of the asset. For instance, real… Read the rest

5 Tips What and When to Trade on the Exchange

The profitability and success of your trade depend on the choice of the appropriate tool. There are about 100 available tools for example forex trading in Indonesia and it is problematic to select the one that better suits you. Ideally, the tool should be liquid, fit your plan, and acceptable risks. From this perspective, the list of tools in demand may include options, futures, shares, currencies, and bonds. Let’s learn how they work in detail.    Futures This is an agreement of sides under which they commit to purchase or sell an asset in the future at today’s fixed rate.… Read the rest