One cannot be a successful trader without knowing how the exchange works. When making decisions about buying securities or investing, you should not focus only on side recommendations. It is necessary to understand what indicators you should pay attention to when investing, how the market will react, etc. Therefore, analysis is an important part of the job. Read more arguments in favour below.


Benefits of Market Analysis

The ability to independently determine the dynamics of the market allows you to decide on possible investments. You will be able not just make fast money on the shares of the enterprise but do it systematically. Besides, the ability to independently analyse the situation will allow you to save on the services of the analyst.

Moreover, you can study other indicators. This is more useful for the investor, but traders could make certain conclusions for themselves from this data.


Analytical Methods

There are three main methods of evaluation — fundamental, technical, and intuitive. The first two types are better fit for different operations, the third is more. Now let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

  1. Fundamental reviewing is used to check a specific company. As a rule, investors take into account the company’s net income, the size of its cash flow, the value of assets and liabilities, various financial ratios, the country’s GDP, etc. If according to calculations the enterprise is underestimated, a trader can invest money in it with great confidence.
  2. Technical reviewing is used to assess supply and demand, which determine the current cost of the share. Many graphic figures reflect the dynamics of prices and make it possible to conclude about the prospects of certain stocks, predicting an increase or decrease in their value.
  3. Intuitive reviewing is a careful study of the news. Enterprise income reports and analytical forecasts can affect the price of a stock in the most direct way. Besides, even tweets of politicians or other famous personalities can contribute to the rise or fall of prices. Therefore, it is crucial to take into account all the incoming data.

Another type of analysis that traders and investors can perform is a competitive reviewing of the industry. It evaluates the general situation, its prospects, the advantages of competitors, and their possible actions. Such a large-scale evaluation will help to understand the prospects of several enterprises and the industry as a whole.

As we can see, the ability to analyse the stock market is very useful. Using three main types of analysis and other indicators, you will be able to evaluate the prospects of a company, stocks, and, of course, profit. 

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